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YouTube launches Courses in India

✨With the help of Courses, YouTube is making progressive changes for teachers & students and providing artists with more ways to earn money.

⭐ With the help of a structured learning experience, creators will be able to release and organize their videos like chapters. Moreover, you can offer text reading assignments and quizzes directly within the video app. 

💫 Creators can charge fees for this content or make their content available for free.

Our Take: Seeing the meteoric rise of startups like PhysicsWallah started off as a YouTube channel by founder Alakh Pandey, ‘Courses’ can act as a good platform for many such creators in the future. Learn More.

Network LIKE A PRO

📸 Alex Hitt, a content creator, is organizing a networking event for creators on January 13, 2023.

💫 This event will mainly contain creators, influencers, marketers and podcasters from a wide variety of fields.

💻 You can register for this event at absolutely 0 costs. Register Now.

Our Take: This is a must-attend event for every creator who wants to build connections in the creator economy and need help with collabs.

Make Announcements on Insta Stories in Style

💁 Have a new video coming soon or a new product launch? Here’s how you should reveal it.

😌  Choose the image for the Insta story, Click on draw option, then choose the right highlight colour option and click in the centre to cover the entire image.

💻 Use the Erase option and clear out a part in the centre. Then place a fancy text on the top and put a countdown at the bottom.

Our Take: This is a highly interactive and fun way to reveal your upcoming posts, lives, collabs or anything else. It is very important to create hype around your content. Check out the demo here.

Komi: Your One-Stop Promotor is Here

✅ You can construct and customise a landing page to promote your initiatives with Komi, a website page builder tool.

🎬 With the help of Komi, you can promote your latest podcast episode, YouTube video, music album, merch drops, tour dates, meet-and-greet opportunities, social media accounts and much more.

🙌 You can integrate major platforms such as Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, Snapchat, Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube, SoundCloud, Twitch and Shopify as well. Click Here to Join the Waitlist.

Our Take: Your own personal landing page can be a terrific way of reaching out to brands and showcasing your talent to them. Thus, getting you better brand deals.

Top Content of the week

📑 Here are 4 Instagram Goals to set in 2023.

📱Check out how you can turn your photos into easy Reels.

📽️ Here’s 2nd podcast by YouTube: Like & Describe.

Crazy Creator Trivia

We all know Mr. Beast is great at creating content but did you know that he also has a chartbuster song?

It’s true! So this is how the story goes!

Mr. Beast didn’t have any musical talent but he wanted a hit song, so he called Benny Blanco and requested him to make him a part of his new song with BTS and Snoop Dogg, Bad Decisions.

He agreed on one condition that Mr.Beast is allowed to play any one note. 

Once Mr.Beast agreed. He called him to his studio and asked him to play just one note on any of the instruments.

Mr.Beast pressed a random key on the musical keyboard, which was not only recorded but also made a part of the song.

And guess what? Mr. Beast has also been given credits for just pressing that one random key!

Crazy, right?

Check out this clip of her with her that story!

What else is happening in the Creator Economy?

  • Komi has raised $5 million in a seed round. Read More Here.
  • Wave has launched “Creator Economy Financial Playbook”. Learn More.
  • Moetic could be the next big thing. Know More.

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