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YT Shorts Ad Sharing Begins Next Month!

✨ YouTube will begin sharing ad revenue with creators from February 1st, 2023 and to avail these benefits, you will have to accept YouTube’s new terms. 

⭐ As per the new terms, creators can accept 3 major monetization modules: Watch Page Monetization Module (for earning from long-form content), Shorts Monetization Module (for earning from Shorts), and Commerce Product Addendum (for earning from channel membership and tools like super thanks).

💫  An important point to note is that non-original content on Shorts won’t be monetized.

Our Take: YouTube plans to roll out many such revenue-sharing opportunities in the future. Thus, if you fulfill the eligibility, try to apply for the YouTube partner program. Learn More.

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Finding The Right Time to Post

💁 Are you still searching for the right time to post your Instagram Reel? Here’s how you can figure it out!

😌 It is important to understand when your audience is the most active. Firstly, go to your Professional Dashboard and look at the most active time of your followers.

✅ Now, one of the most important things to remember is that you should post your content 30 minutes before the peak time so that you get the engagement it deserves.

Our Take:  It is highly advisable to not go by random websites telling you to post at a certain time instead research properly to understand your audience better and accordingly figure out a time.

Adobe Express: Do It Yourself Photo Editing

🎬 Adobe Express is one of the best tools for creators to start off Photo Editing themselves. 

✨ It has a free plan that provides a huge number of stock images easily for free.

🤏 One of the most amazing parts about this software is that it has pre-designed aesthetic templates which you can use for remixing.Check it Out

Our Take:  Considering it’s a brand like Adobe, the quality of Adobe Express is top-notch. Moreover, it is suitable for beginners or people who dont have enough time to work on complex softwares.

Top Content of the week

📑 How to Use Transitions to Tell Stories

📱Check out this cool design for your Insta Stories.

📽️ Here is a terrific podcast by OpeninApp with the MMA champion fighter Sumit Bhyan.

Crazy Creator Trivia

We all know Mr. Beast is currently the most successful creator out there but there is reason to his success. His presence of mind and time utilization skills are simply unmatched. This can be proven by this amazing story which shows that he is a true genius!

We all must have heard or read about Naruto. If you haven’t, its basically an anime which has more than 700 episodes!!!

So, one day Mr. Beast decided to watch it. However, when he started, he thought to himself that he cannot spend so much time watching 700 episodes.

So he started brainstorming and came up with an innovative idea.

He switched on his webcam and started recording himself counting while watching Naruto!

Guess what? That video blew up and Mr. Beast made a ton of money on it!

Check out this clip of him sharing that funny incident!

What else is happening in the Creator Economy?

  • Athletes like Kevin Durant are investing in the creator economy . Read More Here.
  • ThriveCart raises $35 million. Learn More.
  • KTR Becomes only Indian Social Media Influencer at WEF. Know More.

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