What’s Cooking At YouTube?

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What’s New With YouTube?

✨YouTube is coming up with a new “Live QnA Feature” to help creators interact with their fans easily during live streams or premiering a video. Know More.

⭐Now you can include a total of 60s music or sound on your YouTube shorts. Learn More.

💫YouTube has also started testing a new feature for online shopping that lets your viewers shop for your products while scrolling through YT Shorts. Read More Here.

Our Take: Through these features, it is quite evident that YouTube is in competition with TikTok and trying every move to make YouTube the preferred place for creators in terms of higher engagement and better monetary benefits.

Last Creator Bootcamp of Hustlerani

📸Ankita Chawla, a well-known content creator and Reels Expert is organizing her last Instagram Creator Bootcamp of the year on 17th December, 2022.

🤝She will be sharing content plan templates, Reels exercises and growth methods. 

🧑‍💻You can avail of an early bird discount right now if you book your slot within the next day. Book Here.

Our Take: This is a great way for young creators to learn more about the space and grow easily by banking on proven tips and tricks.

Mastering the Art of Thumbnails

💁Have you been using default video images as your thumbnails? Well, it’s time you change your method!

👨‍💻 Try to utilize every bit of space wisely and keep the main elements in focus while creating a thumbnail. You can create a mockup page on YouTube to test your thumbnails just to see how they’ll be viewed by your audience.

🤔 Create different versions of thumbnails for a video and swap them out if you feel that your video isn’t doing that well.

Our Take:  There is a reason that YouTubers like Mr.Beast spend as much as $10,000 on thumbnails. While a lot of creators can’t do that, they can certainly start off by creating better and eye-catching thumbnails. Click Here to read Mr.Beast’s Thumbnail Strategy.

Identify Trends with TrendWatchers

💁Are you facing a creative block and unable to get some inspiration for creating content? Try TrendWatchers!

😌It is a platform that shows you what people are talking about in different niches.

👨‍💻 The discover feature is truly amazing as it also shows you specific keywords that are going viral within a topic.

Our Take:  While there are various such trend trackers online most of them focus on the business-related side of things. However, TrendWatchers emphasizes on the creative aspects  making it perfect for creators. Check it out Here.

Top Content of the week

📑Here are some Rules for Reels that you must follow!

📱Check out this case study to understand how Taylor R reached 5.5million likes on her Reels.

📽️Check out this amazing podcast on where the creator economy is headed in 2023!

Crazy Creator Trivia

Purav Jha, is one of the rising creators in India who has been a familiar face in the videos of Harsh Beniwal. However, a lot of us don’t know that Purav didn’t know Harsh before. In fact, he was a huge fan of Harsh who used to love watching his YouTube videos.

Here’s a story of how things turned around for Purav!

Purav used to create funny videos on TikTok as a student and had networked with quite a few people. One fine day, one of those people told him that Harsh Beniwal is shooting a video and we need a lot of crowd for that, so will you be a part of it?

Purav being the crazy fan he was, said yes. Later, he realized that he also has an exam tomorrow. After a lot of contemplation, he decided to leave the exam and went for the shoot.

On the shoot, Harsh Beniwal asked to the crowd if there was anyone who was ready to jump and fall over the gate for one of the scenes. In a flash, Purav went ahead and said “I will do it”.

He was so excited that during the rehearsal, he fell so hard that he hurt himself. Nonetheless, he didn’t show it on his face and continued to shoot.

After that incident, Harsh started liking him and both of them started talking to each other which eventually led to his casting in Harsh’s videos.

Sometimes crazy fanhood can actually make great careers!

This is called being at the right place at the right time, isn’t it? Check out this clip of him sharing this.

What else is happening in the Creator Economy?

  • Myntra hosted their first ever Creator Fest in Mumbai on Dec 2, 2022.

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