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YouTube Launches its First-Ever Podcast!

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✨ YouTube has officially announced the first-ever trends podcast called “Like & Describe” with MatPat.

⭐ It aims to decode lesser-known stories behind some of the biggest trends on YouTube.

💫 This podcast allows viewers to watch along with interactive graphics. Read More Here.

Our Take: Unlike other podcasts, it is being launched by a streaming platform itself. This certainly adds a lot of credibility to the podcast and should be followed by creators to understand deeply about how YouTube trends work.

Plan an Entire Year’s Worth of Content in 1 day

📸 J Franco, an experienced marketing strategist is organizing a content planathon for creators on Dec 14, 2022.

📸 She will be sharing secret content strategies, engagement tricks and organic hacks.

🧑‍💻 You can register for this workshop at 0 cost. Book Here.

Our Take: This is a great way for creators to plan their content and learn some proven tips and tricks. Moreover, such workshops can be a great way for content creators to give back to the community as well.

How to Get Featured on Instagram’s Explore Page?

💁 Have you been wondering how you can get featured on Instagram’s explore page? All you need to do is follow 2 simple steps.

😌 Craft your content strategy as per the explore page. You can do this by checking out which posts are getting higher engagement on your Explore page. For example: Before & After transitions.

👨‍💻 Experiment with different types of content formats & not just Reels, such as Insta stories, carousels, shoppable posts and collaborative posts with other influencers.

Our Take:  Getting on Instagram’s Explore Page can be certainly difficult but following these 2 steps diligently can help you get featured. Click Here to read more.

Use Poised to Get Better Flow

💁 Are you also facing any difficulties while speaking in front of the camera? Try Poised!

😌 It is an AI-powered communication coach that helps you speak with confidence and clarity.

👨‍💻 You can also use their “Analyze Trends” feature to track your progress over time.

Our Take:  While it has a variety of use cases, it can certainly be used by content creators to improve their delivery. The fact we love about Poised is that it offers real-time feedback as well. Check it out Here.

Top Content of the Week

📑 Learn how to ace transition reels from this video.

📱 Check out the latest trending songs(Swipe Till End) on which you can start creating Instagram Reels.

📽️ See how Ryan Trahan gained 4 million subscribers in 1 year.

Crazy Creator Trivia

We all know the crazy fanbase Mr.Beast has built but did you know that there have been numerous instances of people trying to spy on him via a private investigator?

It’s true!

Here’s a crazy story of a guy from the middle east who hired a private investigator to find Mr Beast’s address.

And the reason will surprise you!

The local private investigator (who was hired) called Mr. Beast to tell him that some guy has paid him to find his address and they’ll be flying to North Carolina tomorrow to see Mr. Beast.

Mr. Beast sent his security along with the private investigator to meet this guy as soon as he landed in North Carolina. 

They investigated and asked him why he wanted to meet Mr Beast and he replied back saying, “I have video ideas that I want to give him”.

They didn’t believe it and started searching his hotel room. Eventually, they discovered nothing and later found out that he was actually just a big fan who wanted to give a list of content ideas to Mr Beast.

It is certainly the craziest and most bizarre way of helping your favourite creator, right?

Click here to watch Mr Beast tell this mind-boggling story himself.

What Else is Happening in the Creator Economy?

  • Good Glamm Group Acquires 51% In Twinkle Khanna’s Tweak India. Read More Here.

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