What will Happen When Mr.Beast Dies?

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Crazy Creator Trivia

We all know that Mr.Beast is the living GOAT of the creator economy. He is known for making crazy content and saying absolutely insane stuff. He has grown his community to a mammoth level. 

But have you ever thought about what would happen to Mr.Beast’s channel if he dies?

Cause he has!

Well, we all know one of his most viral videos is based on a similar pattern, wherein he’ll take a ridiculously expensive thing and ask a bunch of people to keep their hands on it. The last person to remove their hand wins an enormous amount of money or some other expensive stuff.

You’ll be surprised to know that this is also the way he has decided the fate of his channel after he dies.

Once Mr.Beast dies, he has asked his co-creators-Carl, Chris, and Chandler to put their hand on his tombstone and the last one to take it off will get his channel! He has even urged his fans to make them do this no matter what!

It’s so Bizarre, right? Check out this clip of him sharing this.

What else is happening in the Creator Economy?

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