The Great Indian Creator Vol. 9

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What’s new with Instagram?

✨You will now be able to share your Reels directly from some of your favourite editing apps without downloading them.

⭐As of now, Reface, Zoomerang, VivaVideo, Videoleap, B612, Vita, Smule, Snow are some of the partner apps you can use to create and share your reels directly.

💫 These apps will support sharing your videos to FB as well.

Our Take: It is certainly a quick and easy way for creators to share their Reels on Instagram without hampering their workflow. Click Here to See How It Works?

Why’s the Twitter Bird Buzzing?

🐦 Twitter has started rolling out Blue Subscription in India that includes the blue tick at ₹719/month.

🖼 This subscription will reduce the number of ads you see on your Twitter timeline as well. 

💙 Twitter Blue Subscribers will also provide you with priority ranking in replies, mentions and searches.

Our Take:  While priority ranking is definitely a good addition for creators but the very fact that the blue tick couldn’t be bought made the person credible. Read More Here.

Boost your Gaming Career with Loco

🎙️Are you a streamer looking for an all-round gaming platform?  Checkout Loco!

💁 Loco is one of the leading streaming platforms that allow gamers to add moderators, put overlays, run polls, block specific words for safety and earn money through live streaming.

👨‍💻 Prash Plays, ScoutOP, DreamerOP, and Kaztro Gaming are some of the top streamers on Loco.

Our Take:  Loco provides immense features for streamers but what we really like about it is that you can monetize your content from Day 1 without waiting for weeks of approvals. Check it out.

Top Content of the week

🎤Here’s an interesting podcast that tells you “How Mr.Beast launched his own snacks brand?” 

📱Here’s an amazing reel that shares words of wisdom from some of the top creators in India.

📽️Check out this video on making money through META.

Crazy Creator Trivia

Be YouNick’s story has been quite inspiring for every creator coming from humble beginnings. He represented India as the only digital creator from the country at VidCon 2019. Also, he has collaborated with creators like Adam W and has been the go-to guy for actors when they’re supposed to promote an upcoming film. 

Here’s a funny story about his first viral video!

Be Younick(Nikunj Lotia) started his YouTube channel in 2015. He used to create comedy sketches and majorly relatable content. He had made about 30-35 videos but still hadn’t gone viral. One day he took inspiration from the Star Sports “Mauka Mauka” ad and tried to create a funny video around the India Vs Pakistan Cricket Rivalry.

Initially, there were 3 people in the video but at the last minute, one guy left because he didn’t feel like shooting. However, Nikunj was committed to shooting the video. So, he went out to the street and asked a passerby if he would act and that guy said, “Sure! Why not.”

They shot and released the video

Cut to a few hours later, his video had gone viral and garnered about 1.5 million views!

Soon, the video had become a trend and various other creators started making similar content. Nikunj and the guy who said, “Sure, Why not” gained a lot of recognition across the country!

It seems like Be YouNick has a Midas Touch. xD!

Fascinating, isn’t it? Here’s a clip of Nikunj sharing that story!

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