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What’s new with Facebook Groups?

✨You will now be able to post Reels in Facebook Groups and share Facebook Group Events on your Instagram Stories.

⭐FB also announced that you’ll be able to recognize members in your group as well. For example: Top Contributors.

💫 Also, you can add an indicator to your profile if you’re open to messaging.

Our Take: Thoughtful additions by Facebook will definitely increase engagement and ease community building for creators. Thus, helping creators become more accessible to their fans. Check Out Other Features Here.

Buy and Sell NFTs on Twitter

🐦 Twitter announced a new feature called NFT Tweet Tiles that’ll allow you to buy and sell NFTs via Twitter.

🖼️ This NFT artwork will get displayed along with the title and developer. 

💙 Unlike the earlier feature of NFT profile pictures, this doesn’t require a Twitter Blue Subscription.

Our Take: Bringing NFT transactions to a mainstream platform will definitely help creators and artists popularize their work to the masses and add an extra source of income. Read More Here.

Get a higher engagement rate with OpeninApp

🎙️Putting out great content yet getting lesser number of likes, shares, and comments?  Try OpeninApp

💁 Let’s say you share a link to your YouTube video in your Instagram Story. When your followers tap on it, Youtube’s website opens in Instagram’s default browser where your followers can’t like, comment or subscribe. But OpeninApp converts your URL into a smart URL which directly takes your followers to the Youtube app, where they can easily like, share, and comment on your video.

👨‍💻 It is used by 50,000+ creators and celebrities for various use cases.

To know more about other use cases, check out this video.

Our Take:  It is absolutely free & most creators use it to cross-promote their follower base or improve affiliate incomes.

Top Content of the week

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Crazy Creator Trivia

Naveen Polishetty is a rising actor in the film industry. However, a lot of people recognize him from his creator days. He rose to fame with his portrayal of the “Average” guy in AIB’s Honest Engineering Placements. Also, he did a lot of sketches and podcasts with AIB before bagging the role of “ACID” in the movie Chichhore. 

Here’s a funny story of how he got that role!

Nitish Tiwari, the Director, called the casting head and asked him to send him the audition video of “Nivin Pauly”, who is a huge Malayalam superstar.

But, the casting head interpreted it as Naveen Poli (Poli meaning Polishetty) and called him. When he told him that Nitish Tiwari wanted his audition, Naveen couldn’t believe that the director who had just given a 1000 crore movie, Dangal, wanted his screen test. Surprised Naveen sent the audition asap.

However, when the video reached Nitish Tiwari, he felt something was off and found out that this isn’t Nivin Pauly. (The guy he asked for xD) and discarded the audition.

4 Months went by and they still couldn’t find the right guy for the role. 

One day, Nitish Tiwari was sitting with a writer who showed him Naveen’s viral rant video on a 9-5 job and he loved it. His immediate reaction was, “This is that fake Nivin Pauly, he is good, call him.”

Later, Naveen sent an audition again and got selected!

Bonkers, right? Here’s a clip of Naveen sharing that story!

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