The Great Indian Creator Vol. 7

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META Creator Week is Here

✨META is organizing creator week from November 1-7, 2022 with various IRL & digital events taking place across the globe including New Delhi.

⭐While the IRL events are invite-only, everyone can participate in the event through Meta’s Facebook and Instagram pages. 

💫Top creators will be sharing tips on monetization and community-building. 

Our Take: What we love about Meta Creator Week is that this year’s event will have both- valuable sessions and interactive events like Reels challenges.  Read Announcement Here.

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Top Content of the week

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Crazy Creator Trivia

Bhuvan Bam is known for his versatility. One of the funniest characters of Bhuvan Bam was Dr Sehgal. Here’s a fun story revolving around him.

Dr Sehgal was actually one of Bhuvan’s first viral characters BUT soon after releasing the first few “Dr Sehgal episodes”, Bhuvan discontinued that character. 

Since then his fans have been asking him when Dr Sehgal is going to return. 

As per Bhuvan, the answer is, “Never”. Here’s why?

Well, it’s because Bhuvan has made this promise to the real Dr Sehgal himself.

Yes, it’s true! Bhuvan had borrowed the name “Dr Sehgal” from an aged doctor who had his clinic just two blocks away from Bhuvan’s house.

As soon as the videos went viral, his super-genius fans figured out where he lives by his surroundings. As a result, they came across Dr Sehgal’s clinic. 

His fans in huge groups used to go to his clinic and ask “Is your stomach upset?” (It was a dialogue in one of BB’s videos)

Finally, someone showed him Bhuvan’s video and when Bhuvan’s father went to him for a routine checkup, he complained about it to him. Consequently, Bhuvan went over, apologized and promised him that he won’t be creating any more videos on him.

Crazy, right? Here’s a clip of Bhuvan sharing that story!

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