The Great Indian Creator Vol. 5

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New features on Twitter and Facebook

✨Now you can share a combination of media eg. GIFs with Videos or Photos in a single tweet. Read More here.

✨Also now share your tweets directly to your LinkedIn account or Insta & Snap Stories. Read Announcement Here.

✨FB creators can now use popular music in their FB videos and still make money, thanks to FB’s latest licensed music library. 

Meaning: Whenever you as a creator use licensed music in your videos on Facebook that are 60 seconds or longer, you can earn money on certain videos through in-stream ads, and with a share of revenue going back to the music rights holders. Read More.

Our Take: It means more monetization for both creators using other’s music in their videos and also for musicians. Hurray!

Launch paid sessions & courses with Qoohoo

🚀 Want to start a course and monetize it? Qoohoo lets you do that with ease.

🚀You can start paid groups, share exclusive content, and charge for 1:1 zoom sessions.

🚀Some of the top creators on Qoohoo are: Ankita RoohjaMusicwaleYoga for Cure, & Nikhil Naik.

Our Take: There are other platforms that let you do this but what we love about Qoohoo is that as a creator you can withdraw your earnings instantly. It’s 100% free to get started with Qoohoo.

YouTube announces new features for educational content

▶️Player for education: This lets website owners add a new external YouTube video player to their website which will be free from ads, recommendations, and external links to avoid any distractions to their viewers.

▶️Courses: As a creator you can now launch paid courses on YouTube and charge your audience for accessing them. 

▶️Quizzes: And also create quizzes for your learners to test the knowledge they have gained. Read announcement here.

Our Take: Clearly Youtube is realising the potential of creator-led courses market now, and we think its good for the entire creator economy.

Top Content of the week

🎙️Here’s a helpful podcast that talks about how creators should prepare for a market crash.

🎙️Here’s an insightful blog that tells you about Colin and Samir’s successful journey.  

🎙️This video, “Why Indians are taking over Youtube is our top pick this week.

Crazy Creator Trivia

Prajakta Koli’s rise is truly an inspiration to a lot of creators. From creating videos on a small mobile screen to starring on the silver screen, it has been a story-worthy moment. Here’s a fun story about her interaction with Anil Kapoor.

While shooting for Jug Jug Jeeyo, Prajakta had a lot of fun and was sitting with Anil Kapoor for lunch.

Anil Kapoor was chatting with her and asking What are you going to do ahead, she answered him and he kept saying, “Mindblowing, lovely, amazing, very good”.

She kept saying “thank you sir” to him. It came to a point that he didn’t stop praising her. Prajakta was looking down and couldn’t understand why he hasn’t stopped praising her yet. 

When she looked up she saw that he wasn’t praising her but actually looking at the mirror and self-admiring himself! xD 

Here’s a clip of her sharing this funny incident!

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