The Great Indian Creator Vol. 4

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New features on META apps

META just dropped a bunch of new features and here’s a summary of them:

👑Creator Endorsements: You can now invite your followers to follow another creator whom you admire on Facebook. Read here.

👑Top fans: Make your content exclusively available to your top subscribers on Facebook. Read announcement here.

👑Longer Insta stories: You can now share a story of up to 60s without breaking it up.

👑Instagram NotesWrite & share brief notes on Instagram DMs just like Twitter but with a 60-character limit.

Drop NFTs in your style on OpenSea

🖼️OpenSea, the NFT sharing platform, is allowing creators to design their own customizable pages for releasing their NFTs.

🖼️You can share photos, videos, an NFT gallery, and much more on these drop pages.

🖼️Read more here.

Gaming Creators – Now charge your fans for 1v1 request

💰Are you a gaming Creator getting too many requests from fans to play 1:1? Gameoff TV, a new gaming-content platform, lets you charge your fans for playing with them. 

Our Take: This is something that you can still do without a platform, but Gameoff makes it much easier to organize. It is absolutely free to start off.

Top Content of the week

🎙️Colin and Samir’s podcast on ”What creators can learn from professional athletes” is our week’s top pick.

🎙️It discusses interesting common character traits amongst creators & athletes.

🎙️Listen to this insightful conversation here.

Crazy Creator Trivia

Till date, one of the most popular brand collab videos is Bhuvan Bam x UC Browser. In the video, Bhuvan can be seen reading the top trending news of 2016 while skydiving from 15,000 ft. The video garnered 2 million views within a week!

However, many people don’t know the actual story behind it. When the plane took off, BB was excited as he had never done it before. GoPros were all set on his body. As the flight reached 15k ft, the instructor asked him to jump. 

As he jumped, BB realized that he had probably made the worst mistake of his life. He passed out midway through the dive and was woken up by a tight slap from the instructor! 👋

It doesn’t end here. He puked and got bruised badly as he landed.  

As Bhuvan sat down and was understanding “how important life is”, his manager and bestie Rohit Raj came to him and said “Bhai Camera on nahi tha, dobara karna padega” (Bro, the camera wasn’t switched on, we’ll have to do it again). 🙂

Bhuvan resisted a lot but eventually had to agree for legal reasons. So basically, the video that is present online is Bhuvan’s 2nd attempt at skydiving! xD

Don’t believe us? Check it out yourself

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