The Great Indian Creator Vol. 3

What’s cookin’ today? 🎁

  • What’s up with YouTube Shorts? ▶️

  • Create exclusive paid content for your fans

  • OnlyFans for Gamers 🎮

  • iPhone camera is actually PRO 📱

  • Free creator workshop from a marketing guru 🧑‍🎓

YouTube Shorts monetization plan is here 💸

Here’s a quick summary of a host of new things announced by YouTube:

💸Now, shorts’ creators can also join the “Youtube Partner Program” if they have 10 million views over the past 90 days.

💸YouTube will give 45% of the ad revenue earned from ‘YT Shorts’ to the creators.

💸Creators can use music in their ‘shorts’ and still be able to monetize it. Read announcement.

Monetize your fanbase via Cosmofeed 💰

💰Cosmofeed is a platform that helps you launch paid groups, online events, and premium content for your followers.

💰It is free to use for creators. Build Here: 🕺

Tangia- Streaming moves to next level 🎮

🎮 Tangia is a platform that enables your fans to affect your live game by paying for it.

🎮 Example: A fan pays ₹ 200 to spawn a boss enemy against you or force you to fight only with a particular weapon.

🎮 It’s 100% free to get started with Tangia.

iPhone 14 PRO is finally here 📱

Here’s how creators can make the most of the new iPhone 14 Pro:

📷Want to create vlogs while exercising? Its action mode stabilizes videos during shakes, motions, and vibrations.

📷Have lighting issues while recording? Its TrueDepth feature gives a great low-light performance.

📷 And, it also lets you shoot 4k videos. More details here.

📷 Should you go for it? Hell yeah!

Start your creator journey with Zain Kahn 💫

💫Zain Kahn, an entrepreneur and marketing expert, is hosting a free workshop on 29th Sept.

💫If you’re a budding creator or looking to start you content creation journey , it’s perfect for you.