The Great Indian Creator Vol. 2

What’s cookin’ today? 🎁

  • Become a Meta Certified Creator – for free

  • What’s new with Twitter

  • Growth opportunities for food creators 🥞

  • Interesting tools for you⚙️

Free Creator Course By Instagram

📷 Born on Instagram(BoI) is a free content course for budding creators.

📷 Upon completion you get an official certificate from the Meta team and also they get you brand deals. Join Here🕺

📷 Rising creators benefiting from BoI are: Anunay SoodTejMuzik, & Natkhat Shady

New Twitter features

🐦 Twitter Circles:

Now create and share tweets with just a close circle of just your loyal fans. It’s time to reward your supporters with exclusive content.

🐦Twitter Spaces:

If you’ve been using spaces, then Twitter just launched a ton of new features for you. Now, you can use Spaces to gain real-time feedback from your followers.

More Moolah for 🍲 Food creators

🥘 Culinary creators can launch paid workshops using Plate.

🥘 You can provide secret recipes, build on-demand videos, and 1:1 sessions with your fans.

🥘 It’s 100% free to get started with Plate.

Top Tools of the week

🔧Dubverse.Ai – Now dub your videos in 30+ languages with ease. You can also avail it’s script editor with real-time translation.

🔧Vidyo.Ai –  Facing creative block? Repurpose your old content and save time. It helps you create about 20+ ready-to-share videos from just one piece of your long content.