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Travel creators might not need that 9 – 5 🚀

The world’s first creator led travel tech platform, has recently entered the Indian market. They are looking to invest $1.25 million in their Indian operations to begin with. The recently established platform seeks to provide a new method of discovering, sharing, learning, and booking travel trips planned by travel influencers. It is one of the first platforms to share the revenue it generates through bookings with creators. 

Building trust 🤝: A huge number of Indian travelers research their trip online, however there is still a lack of trust when it comes to booking hotels. With, customer testimonials from trusted creators will make taking action so much easier. 

Great opportunity ✨: For a long time, Indian travel creators have lacked the resources and incentives necessary to effectively monetize their efforts. While sharing creative output on digital platforms, they have been mostly dependent on promo codes and referrals. By uniting these creators on a single platform and providing them with a personal selling space, integrated digital tools, and revenue-sharing, is providing a brilliant growth opportunity for travel influencers. 

Regional influencers – The next big thing? 🤔

Big Bang Social, an Indian creator marketplace connecting brands with influencers, is putting in the effort to promote small-scale creators. They recently introduced the City Ambassador Program, which intends to leverage regional influencers to expand its network of micro to nano influencers, in order to open up new growth opportunities for creators and provide them a wider audience to display their skills.

The platform has picked regional influencers for the first round from 18 Indian cities, including a mix of metro and non-metro areas. Different representatives have been appointed for Mumbai, Pune, Bangalore, Kolkata, Thrissur, Odisha, Panaji, Chandigarh, Indore, Kangra, Sikkim, Udaipur, Ranchi, Kashmir, Lucknow, Itanagar, and Jaipur.

Language shouldn’t be a barrier 🚧: Hinglish has been the popular language used by content creators in India. While there are popular regional creators as well but they are very few in number. With the help of the City Ambassador Program by Big Bang Social, the amazing regional content coming out of both metro and non-metro cities will get a wider presence. Moreover, it will help empower this new generation of talent by providing them with the finest opportunities to monetize their content through brand sponsorships.

Ministry of Culture 🤝 Creators

As part of the celebrations of the “Azadi ka Amrit Mahotsav,” a commemoration of 75 years of Indian independence, the Ministry of Culture planned a Gala evening at The Asiatic Society in Mumbai to recognize 75 prominent content creators in the country as “Cultural Ambassadors for India.” Held in collaboration with Google and Meta, the government recognized these creators for their contribution to India’s digital culture.

The range of celebrities included prominent chefs, influencers, singers, actors, and digital artists. Harjinder Singh Kukreja, Unnati Malharkar, Sharan Hegde, Awez Darbar, Nagma Mirajkar, Aashna Hegde, Manav Chhabra, Angry Prash, Chef Kunal Kapoor, & Jannat Zubair were some of the creators who attended the event. 

National Awards for Creators coming soon? 🏆: The event signified one thing very clearly that the government has started recognizing the influence and importance of the creator economy in this country. Only one way up from here!

Youtamazon? 💻 🛒

For users in Brazil, India, and the United States, YouTube is launching a new live shopping feature in the “Explore” section. The streaming platform also announced that it would keep extending commerce across a variety of video forms, including livestreams, shorts, and long-form films. 

The platform provider also disclosed a cooperation with e-commerce giant Shopify as part of the drive to incorporate live shopping. By doing this, content creators will be able to connect their Shopify stores to their own YouTube channels. The streaming service also revealed that certain creators will have access to tag products while conducting livestreams too.

Social commerce is the future of retail 🛍️: Be it high growth Indian startups like Meesho or Shopsy or big giants like Instagram, TikTok and Snapchat, everyone has been getting immense success in the social commerce space. 

YouTube’s entrance in this field could provide a major boost to it because a study done by Publicis and TalkShoppe revealed that 89% of users concur that YouTube creators provide recommendations they can trust. 

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Creatorpreneurship will rise 🕴️:  Creators who are also entrepreneurs can thrive with this feature. Be it small businesses that promote their products through content or creators who have a full-fledged business, this feature will make it simpler for everyone to integrate their stores on YouTube and deliver their goods straight to their audience.

Impulse buying will increase 👜: Well, while this step may be amazing for creators but for people browsing through YouTube at 2 AM with maybe not so much (xD). This feature will reduce the effort of endless googling for a particular product you saw on a video and make it extremely easy to buy products that you like while watching videos.

Niharika NM raising bars 👑

Niharika NM has taken the internet by storm with her noteworthy appearance on the Rolling Stone cover page.  Niharika started off her content creation journey during her engineering days and has been on the rise ever since. Her funny, relatable content with a southern dialect made her quite popular locally and has since become a global icon.  

Short-form content is a blessing 💫: For students, employees, businessmen, and anyone else who cannot dedicate a huge chunk of their time in creating a long-form content and then spending hours editing it, short-form content works like magic. During her college days, Niharika found it much easier to produce short-form content than long format which eventually paved the way for her massive growth.

Consistency is underrated 🙌: Niharika started off her YouTube channel in 2016 and it took her nearly 3-4 years to gain traction. Consistency is often overlooked by creators but it is the only way to build and sustain one’s community. 

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