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  • Hustle with Hustlerani 😎

  • Shopping card for Influencers 🛍️

  • EZ Loan for Creators 🏦

Exciting stuff for video creators 🤳

Instagram has rolled out some new Reels features to help creators grow more:

📹’Add Yours’ sticker:  Through the ‘Add Yours’ sticker, creators can create Reels with a sticker describing a particular relatable event. Your fans can also share reels displaying their creativity using that sticker.

Example: Share your last 5 Date Night outfits. Check Out Announcement here.

📹Improved FB insights for Reels : You can now get to know how your reels are performing on Facebook too via insights and analytics. This will definitely help in enhancing content.

💫Catalyzing growth: Until Now, creators were majorly dependent on viral songs. However, with the “Add Yours” sticker they can start their own trends.

💫Credit where it’s due: The sticker on Reels will also have a link to the profile of the original creator, thereby providing recognition & higher visibility.

Boost your journey with HustleRani 👸

📸Ankita Chawla, content creator and social media marketing specialist at YouTube Shorts is starting her new creator bootcamp from September 4.

📸This bootcamp will entail exclusive proven tricks and tips to maximize your creator potential, growth formula for reels, content creation tools and much more. Apply Here. 

🧑‍💻Whom is it for?: People looking to start content creation, micro-influencers, and small business owners.

MyMo- Shop, Share, Save ✨

💳MyMo– First ever Indian shopping card only available to Influencers has been introduced by

💳Influencers can use the MyMo card in 2 simple steps:

💪Creator-empowering: It is a much needed innovation that puts creators’ interests at the front. Moreover, creators enjoying the freedom of choosing the brand they actually want to endorse is truly amazing.

MoneyyApp’s got your back 💰

💲MoneyyApp– an all-round wealth management platform for creators is now providing quick loans for building your personal brand. 

💲Icing on the cake is the fact that creators can acquire loans at zero collateral. Download here.

🤔What’s the catch?: The minimum loan amount is 25,000 INR while the maximum is 1CR. As per MoneyyApp, it usually takes about a week to get the loan approved and a lot depends on the amount and creator’s credibility as well.

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