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New Announcements on Instagram


✨ Add Yours Nomination: A new option called “Pass it on” has been introduced that helps you invite your friends to use a particular “Add Yours” sticker.

⭐ Candid Stories: Instagram is testing Candid Stories, a new way for you to share what you’re doing right now (like literally at that moment) through stories. It’s only visible to those people who will share their own Candid Instagram Stories. 

💫 Group Profiles: When you use Group Profiles to share content, that content will only be visible to group members instead of your followers, and will be posted on the Group Profile instead of your own.

Our Take: All these features make it quite clear that Instagram aims to become a platform that promotes community building, increases engagement and competes with apps like BeReal. Learn More.

Participate in Canon’s VlogHunt Challenge to Win Best Vlog Cameras

📸 To participate in the Canon India VlogHunt Challenge, you have to shoot a vlog of a maximum of 1 minute on one of these topics:

  • A Vlog on your favourite delicacy.

  • A Vlog describing your best travel story.

  • A Vlog on simple everyday styling tips.

💫 Share the Vlog on your Instagram account with #CanonVlogHunt, #Food, #Fashion, #Travel and tag @CanonIndia_OfficalMake sure the visibility of your account is set to public.


🧑‍💻 The last date of submission is 3rd January 2023. You can participate in this challenge for free. Register Now.

Our Take: The best part about this contest is that the winners will get top-quality vlogging cameras. Moreover, you can participate in all 3 genres which allows you to increase your chances of winning. Make sure to edit your videos to give them a well-finished look.

How to Post High-Quality Reels?

💁 Have you also been facing the problem of reduced video quality while posting reels on Instagram? Here are a few things you can try. 

😌 Avoid sending or sharing videos on WhatsApp instead use tools like WeTransfer or share it as a document. Make sure to shoot the videos on 4K 60 fps for better quality.

👨‍💻 One of the most important things to remember is to switch on the “High-Quality Uploads” option on Instagram. 

Our Take:  Maintaining a high quality while posting reels is quite important because if your videos are of poor quality, the chances of them going viral organically become very low. Click Here to read more.

Check out Lensa- A New Photo & Video Editing App

💁 Do you remember the famous photo editing app Prisma that became viral in 2016? They have launched another exciting app called Lensa.

✅ The Lensa AI app by Prisma Labs uses artificial intelligence to make your selfies look better just like a portrait with the help of easy-to-use tools.

🎬 You can blur your background, make your skin look smoother, and add a ton of other effects.

Our Take:  While Lensa seems like a normal editing app, it has gained immense popularity recently due to its “Magic Avatar” feature. Such crazy updates are what make Lensa stand out.  Check it out Here.

Top Content of the week

📑 Here’s how you should use insights to understand what reels format is working the best. 

📱 Check out how Mr Beast is going to make millions that has nothing to do with video creation. 

📽️ This amazing podcast will help you in understanding how much you should be charging for brand deals.

Crazy Creator Trivia

Vir Das is one of the most amazing creators and stand-up comedians who has built his personal brand across the globe. Often when you have a global reach, you receive a lot of love, affection and hate as well.

In 2017, Vir Das released his Netflix Special called Abroad Understanding. This special had gained popularity in India and was also going viral in the USA.

Post-release, one fine morning while having breakfast Vir received a mail titled: 

“Hello From Iraq! This is the US ARMY”

At first instance, Vir got incredibly scared and didn’t know what to do.

However, when he opened the mail he found out that it was a piece of fan mail sent to him from two US soldiers.

They said that they lead tough lives and spend a lot of time in the Middle East and Asia but his Netflix special brought them closer to other cultures.

He was extremely happy to read this mail and credits it as the best piece of fan mail he has ever received.

Scary beginnings can sometimes lead to cute endings, right?

Check out this clip of him telling that story!

What else is happening in the Creator Economy?

  • Chrome Hospitality is collaborating with Indian Creators. Learn More.

  • Mad Influence and PinkVilla are organizing India’s biggest festival for top content creators in the country. Know More.

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