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Create Easy Shareable Links with Direct Link Maker

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I’m excited to introduce you to an invaluable tool for streamlining your web sharing efforts. I’m talking about a direct link maker – the ultimate solution to the long and complex URLs that make sharing webpages so difficult. With a direct link maker, you can easily create shareable and memorable links that make it easier for users to engage with your content.

In this article, I will guide you through the process of using a direct link maker. I will also introduce you to OpeninApp, a unique feature that automatically detects mobile apps that correspond to webpages you want to link to.

By the end of this article, you will understand how to create easy shareable links with a direct link maker. You will also learn how OpeninApp can enhance your user experience by opening links directly in the relevant mobile app.

Buckle up and get ready to simplify your web sharing with this essential tool – the direct link maker!

What is a Direct Link Maker?

A direct link maker is a time-saving and powerful tool that transforms long, complicated URLs into short and memorable links. It is a robust tool that quickly creates direct links to webpages, bypassing any unwanted steps in between. With just a few simple clicks, you can generate direct links that open your desired webpage instantly.

Direct link makers are especially effective to simplify web sharing. When you share a direct link with your audience, it is more concise and user-friendly, making it easier to remember and share.

If you’re using OpeninApp, a direct link generator, it is even more convenient. It automatically detects if there is a corresponding mobile app for the webpage you’re linking to, allowing the link to open the webpage directly within the app. This enhances the user experience by providing a seamless browsing experience and offering better functionality.

How to Use a Direct Link Maker

Creating direct links with a link generator tool is an effortless process.

Firstly, copy the URL of the webpage you need to shorten using the link shortcut maker.

Secondly, open your preferred direct link generator tool. An excellent example is OpeninApp, one of the most user-friendly quick link makers available online.

Thirdly, paste the copied URL into the URL shortener box on the link generator tool.

Finally, click on the “Generate Direct Link” button. The quick link maker will instantly convert the lengthy URL into a shortened URL that you can copy and share with others.

The best part is that the URL generated by the link generator tool acts as a shortcut that automatically takes anyone who clicks on it directly to your desired webpage. It saves time and increases user engagement with your content.

Using a direct link maker, like OpeninApp, is a fast and straightforward process. Try it now, and enjoy the seamless user experience that a direct link generator provides.

Streamline your Web Sharing Effortlessly

With a direct link maker, web sharing becomes effortless. Instead of sharing long and complex URLs, you can now provide your audience with concise and user-friendly direct links.

A link conversion tool like OpeninApp can quickly generate an instant link creator that opens directly in the app, streamlining the sharing process even further. This process is incredibly simple and requires just a few clicks.

By using direct links, you can make it easier for users to remember and share your links, leading to increased traffic and engagement.

OpeninApp – Making Link Sharing Even More Convenient

OpeninApp is a game-changing feature of our direct link maker tool that enhances the user experience. It automatically detects if there is a corresponding mobile app for the webpage you are linking to while generating a direct link, adding an extra layer of convenience to link sharing. If the app is installed on the user’s device, the direct link will open the webpage directly within the app, providing a seamless and user-friendly browsing experience.

No more tedious navigation of multiple screens. With OpeninApp, you can enjoy the convenience of your preferred app while browsing the web. This feature is especially useful for ecommerce platforms, news apps, and social media sites that have dedicated mobile apps. By integrating OpeninApp, we have made link sharing even more effortless and user-centric. So don’t wait any longer, start creating direct links with OpeninApp today.


Using a direct link maker has never been easier! By creating direct links with a link generator tool, you can simplify web sharing and enhance user experience. With just a few clicks, you can create easy shareable links that are concise, user-friendly, and memorable.

And with the added convenience of OpeninApp, you can take your direct link creation to the next level. OpeninApp detects if there is a corresponding mobile app for the webpage you are linking to and automatically opens the webpage directly within the app – providing a seamless, effortless browsing experience.

Start using a direct link maker today and enjoy the benefits of effortless link sharing. With the ability to create direct links, streamline your web sharing efforts, and increase engagement with your audience, a direct link maker is a must-have tool in any marketer’s arsenal. So, what are you waiting for? Let’s create some direct links!