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As a modern-day internet user, I often find myself struggling with long and cumbersome URLs. It is not only inconvenient but, in many cases, can be a significant impediment to sharing links. This is where shorten link generators like OpeninApp come in handy. OpeninApp is a unique URL shortener that not only minimizes lengthy URLs but also opens links directly in the app. In this article, I will guide you through the best shorten link generator available online and highlight why OpeninApp stands out from the rest.

Shorten link generators, also known as URL shorteners or link shorteners, are tools that compress long URLs into short, manageable links. They make sharing URLs on different platforms quick and trouble-free. In this article, I will discuss the benefits of using a shorten link generator, including OpeninApp. So, let’s dive in and explore the world of shorten link generators and find out why they are essential in the digital age.

What is a Shorten Link Generator?

A shorten link generator is an online tool that can convert lengthy and complex URLs into shorter, more manageable links. URL shorteners are designed to compress the long, complicated web addresses and allow for easy link sharing across different platforms such as social media, messaging, and email.

URL shorteners typically use a redirect on a domain name to share the product, blog post, or content that you want people to read or access. Instead of sending out long and obscure URLs, a shorten link generator can create URL shorteners with domains that are easier to remember and share. With a shorten link generator, tracking and monitoring the performance of links is easier, which is helpful for businesses and individuals looking to get a better understanding of their online engagement.

Why is Using a Shorten Link Generator Important?

Using a shorten link generator is essential for creating concise and easy-to-share links. The shorter the link is, the easier it is to include in a social media post or message. Short links are also convenient for mobile users who are limited in character count when posting. Shorten link generator tools can help you create short and easy to remember URLs.

Moreover, using a shorten link generator is critical for online businesses that want to enhance user experience. It’s an excellent way to avoid broken links or discrepancies in how URLs are displayed on different platforms. Shortened links also help to improve aesthetics since the URL is no longer an eyesore, and the short and neat structure makes it visually appealing. Customers are more likely to click on a short, trusted URL link than on a long, obscure website link, making it important to create a professional link shortener using a shorten link generator.

Benefits of Using a Shorten Link Generator

If you frequently share links across different platforms, using a shorten link generator can revolutionize your URL management. Shorten link generators, like OpeninApp, compress long URLs into shorter, more manageable links, saving characters and making it easier to post links on social media, messaging platforms and more.

Trackable links are another benefit of using a shorten link generator. These links help you to monitor audience engagement and measure link performance, providing valuable insights that help optimize social media and marketing campaigns.

With OpeninApp, these benefits are even better as it opens the shorter link directly in the desired app, without the need to copy and paste the link making the user experience smoother.

Introduction to OpeninApp

As I mentioned earlier, a shorten link generator helps compress long URLs into trackable, concise links that are easy to share online. Now, let me introduce you to OpeninApp, a unique shorten link generator that takes it a step further.

OpeninApp not only shortens your link, but it also opens it directly in the app, providing a seamless user experience. This feature eliminates the need to copy and paste the link manually, saving time and effort.

Using OpeninApp as your preferred URL shortener can enhance the effectiveness of your online sharing and marketing efforts. It allows for faster and more efficient link sharing across different platforms, providing a smoother user interaction and driving engagement.

How to Use OpeninApp?

Using OpeninApp as a shorten link generator is quick, easy and straightforward. Follow these simple steps to generate a shortened link:

1Go to the OpeninApp website and click on the URL generator.
2Copy and paste the long URL you wish to shorten in the appropriate box.
3Customize your shorten link by entering your preferred name or keyword.
4Click on “Generate Link.”
5Your shorten link will be generated automatically and ready to use, copy it to your clipboard.

That’s it! OpeninApp’s user-friendly design makes it easy for anyone to create and share shortened links in just a few clicks.

Not only does OpeninApp provide URL shortening, but it also opens the generated link directly in the app – enhancing the overall user experience. This feature is particularly handy for smartphone users, as it saves time and effort by bypassing the need to open a separate browser.

Using OpeninApp as a shorten link generator is a useful tool for managing long links and making them easily shareable across various digital platforms.

Other Shorten Link Generator Options

While OpeninApp offers unique benefits as a shorten link generator, there are other options available online that may suit specific needs or preferences. Here are some of the alternative URL shorteners and link generators:

Shorten Link GeneratorFeatures and Benefits
BitlyCustomizable links, tracking metrics, integration with social media and marketing tools.
TinyURLSimple and straightforward, easy-to-use interface, no account required.
Ow.lyIntegrated with Hootsuite, analytics tracking, social media engagement features.
RebrandlyBranded links, custom domain options, API integration.
Google URL ShortenerSimplicity, integration with Google platforms, analytics tracking.

Each of these shorten link generator options offers different features and benefits. It is important to consider the specific needs and goals when choosing a shorten link generator. OpeninApp stands out with its ability to open the link directly in the app, providing a convenient and seamless user experience. However, exploring other options may lead to finding the perfect shorten link generator for you.


In conclusion, using a shorten link generator is an excellent way to manage URLs and share them easily online. OpeninApp is a unique URL shortener and link generator that not only shortens links but also opens them directly in the app, making it a more efficient and user-friendly option. With OpeninApp, you can customize your links and track their performance, allowing you to gain valuable insights into your audience’s engagement.

I highly recommend using OpeninApp as your preferred shorten link generator for easy and effective URL management. Its user-friendly interface and convenient features make it a perfect solution for personal and professional use. With OpeninApp, you can easily create trackable links and share them across different platforms without any hassle.