OpeninApp affilinks : How to make money as an affilinks member

Here is everything you need to know about the OpeninApp’s affiliate program. Have a look on how to get started with OpeninApp’s Affilink. You might have seen some of your beloved bloggers, influencers, or YouTube content creators by saying that they’ll receive a little commission when you buy something through the link they’ve provided in their post’s description. If that link leads to OpeninApp affilinks, it’s likely that they are part of the OpeninApp Affilink Affiliate program.

What is OpeninApp Affilinks?

OpeninApp Affilinks is an best affiliate marketing program in india. It allows individuals, video creators, and bloggers to monetize their reach. Affilinks member can earn a percentage of sales that come in through their advice when they publish OpeninApp’s affilinks on their blogs, youtube or social media platforms. Affilinks links offer affiltae program of more than 50 companies like Nike, myntra, Nykaa, Oneplus, Netmeds, Ajio, Croma, Beardo and many more. you can check out the affiliate programs offered by affilinks by signing up on OpeninApp website and go to this url

How does OpeninApp Affilinks works?

Let suppose, if everytime you suggest a product to your friend and you got paid for every referral. That is all OpeninApp affilinks do. In a simple language, just finalise what you want to promote, and then create affiliate links and publish it everywhere.

Signup, and then check out the partners of OpeninApp affilinks, browse their website and finalise the product and services and create affilinks. You can customise each link and also can check their stats. You can track the number of users visited the link and then made a purchase through it. Once they make a purchase, you’ll get the commission credit.

How to become an OpeninApp Affilink Affiliate?

Ready to begin? Here’s our detailed walkthrough for signing up for the OpeninApp Affilinks affiliate marketing program.

Step 1 : Sign up to OpeninApp’s website

For  creating affilinks, you just have to signup on OpeninApp website through your contact number or email then go to affilink tab, Go to create affilinks and  click on supported in, you’ll get the list of all companies whose affiliate programs are offered by affilinks.

Step 2: Find your product

After clicking on create affilink, you’ll get a popup where you have to paste the product URL you want to promote and click on generate links. For products and services, you can check out the partners of OpeninApp’s afflinks.

Step 3: customise your affiliate link

Then after you’ll get your affiliate link,  you can also customize the link suffix and prefix as per your choice and can also edit title and description for that affilink.

Step 4: check the affiliate link stats

After creating affilink, you’ll get a analytics dashboard where you can check the stats of your affilinks. Stats include total clicks, total sales, Estimated earnings per sales, estimated earning per click and a graph chart of your earning. 

How much can OpeninApp Affiliate make?

The big question is, how much money can you make as an OpeninApp’s affiliate? Well, it depends on a few things: how many people you can reach, how engaged they are, and how often you share affiliate links. The amount you get paid for each sale also depends on what kind of product you’re promoting. OpeninApp affilinks offer many partnered platform for affiliate marketing and has different commission percentages for each product category.

When affiliate can withdraw money from affilink?

You can withdraw money when your balance reaches ₹1000.